Caravan Park and Marina Electrical services

We are ICB Leisure Electrical Services. For over a decade we have specialized in the ultimate design, manufacture and installation of innovative caravan park power and service pedestals, park lighting and hook up units. We also specialize in a wide range of marina power and service pedestals, metering solutions and accessories, please see our website for further details.

After extensive research and development we are turning our expertise to EV charging solutions. We have closely monitored government plans and are currently already working with various councils and individuals to install our Smart-Charge solutions, as well as a network of businesses, to project manage their EV fleet, ICB will work with your company and local councils to also install further EV Smart-Charge stations at various key locations, to maximise the route potential for your EV fleet.

Why are EVs (Electric Vehicles) the future of our economy? Here are a few simple reasons:-

Free road tax, no congestion charge, no servicing and fuel costs at 75% less than diesel. Electric Vehicles are fully zero emission. This means zero tailpipe pollution: no PM10s, no nitrogen oxide, no carbon monoxide and no carbon dioxide.

We are one of the only companies that actually manufacture all of our own components in house, using a vast array of CNC and Vacuum forming machines. This ensures that we have total control over the manufacturing process, which in turn allows us to be very competitive.

Our products range from 13Amp units all the way to 400Amps.  We can accommodate for any scale of developments from single charge points for domestic use to large fleet networks for various commercial sectors, we can be involved with as much, or as little of the project that our clients require.

We manufacture our pedestals primarily from a unique, chemically treated marine grade alloy, which no other company offers. We ensure that all components are of similar metals to ensure that no galvanic corrosion will take place. As well as asthetics, we manufacture a wide range of vandal resistant materials, to ensure that areas that may susceptable to damage or theft, are fully protected.

Our parent company is a very well established design and engineering company, so for this reason we have an incredible team of in house designers and CNC computer programmers, which allows us to offer the end user an incredibly unique bespoke unit in a very short space of time. Also we are able to not only meet the needs electronically, but we are also able to offer items such as handrails, stair wells and any other such equipment needed in any form of metal, the limit really is down to imagination.

Some may think that it is better to try and find the lowest priced products that they can and this is fine for some basic products. For other, more complex products and installations, it is vital that they are properly installed and even more so when products are interfaced to other equipment, ‘talking’ to each other in the electronic sense.  Also, it is crucial to be aware that some imported equipment may not meet UK and European standards. Such equipment may be illegal if fitted within your development.  Using trained industry professionals, your assurance is that work will be of the highest quality, at a competitive price and with uncompromising service.

We are also able to offer full service packages as well as periodic testing and inspection services using our own in house NIC inspectors and NIC qualified electricians, at very competetive rates.

Our latest offering to our services is our total holiday park solutions, for refurbishments and developments. Ranging from van siting, to landscaping, any form of site contract work undertaken, please contact us for a quotation, whatever your requirements. from litter collectors to project managers, we have a solution for your needs.

Our latest Revolutionary product, is our Form-a-fill base for the simplest in siting your caravans, whilst saving on materials and future maintainence, please contact us below for further information on this fantastic new system.

If you have any queries, or have any current projects or developments that are in need of products/services such as ours, then please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can be of further assistance.

All of our existing customers always return to ICB, because of our outstanding service and the simple fact, that they enjoy the benefit from their entitlement to exclusive price packages, if this is of interest to you or you would like  to discuss the range of products and services that ICB are able to offer, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the details below.

Please note below our exclusive EV charging solutions, our GO Green garauntee in innovative electrical solutions for vehicle charging.

Kind regards

Dan Dearlove
Business Development Manager

Due to the growing phenominon of solar and renewable energy and the ECO friendly way that we need to move forward, ICB have utilised fully recyclable components and reduced our carbon foot print in launching our wide range of EV charging stations, Introducing ICB Smart-Charge technology, from remotely monitored systems to stand alone simple charging systems.

Whether you need to charge at home or work. ICB Smart-Charge solutions have a product to suit.

ICB have invested vast amounts of time and money in ensuring that we are constantly moving  forward with technology and providing our clients with product innovation.

Please contact us today regarding this ever expanding revolutionary Go Green range.

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